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Hello, I’m Dennis Gulla and I own and operate Sierra Canine. My career in dog training began at the age of seventeen as an apprentice under the instruction of Vietnam Veteran and Navy Seal Tom Massalino. Tom was a master trainer in all phases of dog training including, but not limited to Tracking, Obedience, Personal Protection and Patrol. He was also active in the working dog sport of Schutzhund.

Axel Von Haus Kane!

One of my male German Shepherds and I recently competed in the November 5th 2011 S.D.A. (Service Dogs of America) trial in Oroville, CA. hosted by True Haus Kennels. Axel was awarded first place in his obedience class of eleven dogs with a score of 96.5 out of a 100!

After working with Tom, I continued my career working for and with other dog training companies throughout South Florida as well as being very involved in the working dog sport of Schutzhund. I catered to everything from housebreaking puppies to training dogs for Officers of the City of Miami Police Department where my brother was an officer for Seventeen years. In the early 90’s the population of South Florida was exploding as was the crime rate. The demand for personal protection dogs was at an all time high. As a result of my God given talent for training dogs, especially for protection purposes, I was sub-contracted by two separate dog training companies to meet the demand for professionally trained protection dogs. Although protection training your dog is probably the last thing on your mind, my experience in working with these dogs will establish you as the necessary leader if your dog is showing any signs of aggression towards guests in your home, other dogs or even you! Most dog training companies or trainers either lack the experience and knowledge of how to rehabilitate an aggressive or dominant aggressive dog or just do not want any part of it.

I incorporated and established my first dog training company, All Point Canine, in Florida back in 1994 and the with my leadership and philosophy, the company is still thriving today.

I’m a certified judge with the awesome working dog organization called Service Dogs of America. Only the second judge in the state of California.

Over the past two decades I have offered my services to people just like you! The majority of my clients are responsible dog owners and enthusiasts who own a wide variety of breeds and are looking for an effective way to get control and maximize the relationship they have with their dogs.

In my twenty plus years in dog training I have had the privilege to work with and attend many seminars given by fantastic trainers throughout the United States and Europe. I can honestly say that I will never stop being a student of the trade; however, I do believe that I offer a unique and innovating approach to dog training, behavior and psychology.

In March of 2010, I attended a three day S.D.A. (Service Dogs of  America) seminar and decoy certification in Ocala, FL. The seminar was hosted by Don Blair who is the head K9 trainer for U.S. Customs and Boarder Patrol and Wayne Dodge who is now the head K9 trainer for U.S. Special Forces in San Diego, CA.

In an effort to continue in my education and keep up with the latest dog training techniques and philosophies, I attended the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Fairfield, CA. in July, 2010. For two weeks other trainers and I had classroom lectures and one on one exercises with Michael. Michael Ellis in arguably one of the top five trainers in the United States if not the world and I would highly recommend his school and seminars to any trainer.

Regardless of what type of training you are looking for or behavioral problems that your dog is displaying, I am confident that I can be of help to you. I’m as passionate today about dogs and dog training as I was when I first started. I hope you enjoy the rest of the site and look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your dog.

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Dogs fo Sale I occasionally have young adult to adult dogs for sale that are owned by me and are available locally.

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