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It all starts with a consultation and evaluation…

We are often asked, “what’s the need for a consultation and evaluation?”

Sierra Canine works a little differently then most dog training companies. We do not have a set price for a “basic obedience program” or an “advanced obedience program.” All of our training programs are customized to the individual goals our clients have for their dogs. These goals obviously can vary from owner to owner. One of our clients, Dawn, may only need help with her Silky Terrier teaching her not to pull her on leash for outside potty breaks and not to jump on her guests. While Chris, who owns ninety acres in Oroville has the goal of complete off-leash obedience.

During the consultation, after discussing your goals we will customize a training program for you and your dog. Your individual goals determine the length of your program or how many lessons/visits it will take to accomplish your goals. Your location also is factored into the cost of your program.

During the consultation we will also evaluate your dog’s temperament. Dogs temperaments vary just like humans’ individual personalities. Some dogs are very meek and submissive, others have anxiety and fear, while others are extremely confident, out going and even dominant. Your dog’s temperament determines the type of training approach we will take. You can’t train two different dogs the same way.

Consultations and evaluations generally run about an hour to an hour and a half. After discussing your goals and evaluating your dog’s temperament, we will educate you on dog psychology, go over our training philosophy, discuss your level of participation, homework and the length of your program.

At the end of our consultation and evaluation we will propose a training program that best fits the goals that you have for your dog. Consultation fees range from $45 to $50 depending on your location. If you decide to enroll your dog into the training program that we prescribe at the completion of the consultation, then we waive the consultation fee.

Due to previous technical difficulties, if you have submitted an email inquiry and have not had a reply within 3 hours, please call us!

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