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Service Dogs

Sierra Canine is expanding its scope of training yet again! We are now offering training for Service Dogs!


Service Dogs are trained to perform a variety of specific tasks for their owners/handlers. The tasks that the dogs are trained for can vary depending on the owner/handlers needs. Some dogs are trained to stand and support their handlers for balance, pull them out of a chair or lead their handler to a car. These dogs can greatly assist individuals who suffer from such conditions as multiple sclerosis, PTSD, autism/Aspergers or muscular dystrophy to name a few. Aside from training the dogs to perform these tasks or jobs, each dog must be proficient in basic obedience commands and perform them consistently in various public environments.

Did you know that your own best friend may be able to be trained and registered as a Service Dog? That’s right! There are no restrictions when it comes to size or breed. Depending on the level of help or support that you need, your dog may be the helper that you’ve been dreaming of. Not all dogs can be Service dogs, but with an evaluation, Sierra Canine can help determine if your dog has the necessary qualities to become a Service Dog.

Service Dog training can be the most fun and rewarding experience that you will ever do with your dog. The time that you invest in training and conditioning your dog will create a genuine friendship and bond that will last a life time.

Living With Your Service Dog

servicedogs-1Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) an individual who meets the proper criteria is entitled to a Service Dog to assist them with their life. The FHAA and ADA law gives individuals the right to live with their Service Dog regardless of any building or residences with “no pet” policies. A Service Dog is not considered a pet and is required for daily life functions and activities. Building neither managers nor landlords can refuse your Service Dog, nor may they require you to submit any pet deposits or fees for your Service Dog. Hotels fall under the same policy as well. They are not permitted to deny access to you or your Service Dog and may not charge any extra fees or collect any deposits. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an individual with a disability is entitled to a Service Dog to help them live normal lives. The ADA protects disabled individuals by allowing them to bring their Service Dog with them to most places that the public is permitted. These places include restaurants, hotels, stores and housing complexes.

Your Disability and Public Knowledge

servicedogs-2You are not allowed to be asked by an owner, manager or other representative of a business what your disability is that allows you to have a Service Dog. That information is private and you do not have to disclose it to anyone if you are asked. The only information that may be asked is if it is a Service Dog and what tasks the Service Dog is trained to perform for you. You are not obligated to divulge the nature of your illness or disability.

Flying With Your Service Dog

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and (ADA) allows Service Dogs on airplanes when individuals with Service Dogs are traveling and they do not have to pay an extra fee to have their Service Dog by their side. Here are the guidelines that some of the airlines have with regards to flying with your Service Dog:

Jet Blue

Documentation and Requirements for Traveling with a Service Animal

Service Animals shall have identifiers such as identification cards, other written documentation, presence of harness, tags or “the credible assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal.”

American Airlines

A harness, tag or vest indicating status as a service animal will be helpful in distinguishing them to airport personal. However, credible verbal assurance that the animal is providing a service to assist with a disability will suffice should an inquiry be made.

US Airways

To show that the animal is a service Animal, you must provide one of the following:

  • Animal ID card
  • Harness or tags
  • Other written documentation
  • Credible verbal assurance

Virgin America

Service animals may accompany a guest with a disability on a flight. Any of the following evidence is acceptable as proof of an animals service status.

  • An identification card for the animal
  • The presence of a harness or markings on a harnesses tags
  • The guest’s credible verbal statement

Alaska Air

There is no additional charge to travel with a service animal. A harness, tag or vest indicating status as a service animal will be helpful in distinguishing them to airport personnel. However, credible verbal assurance that the animal is providing a service to assist with a disability will suffice, should an inquiry be made. Properly harnessed animals may sit at a traveler’s feet, unless the service animal is too large and obstructs an aisle.

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