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At Sierra Canine, our philosophy is that there isn’t a more logical place to train your dog than your own home. All of our dog training programs involve some form of owner participation. We feel that your home is the most convenient place for you and the most comfortable and familiar for your dog. Therefore, there is no unnecessary stress put on your dog, and the result will be a much happier training environment.

That being said, we also recognize that in-home dog training may not be the preferred method of some dog owners and not an option at all for others due to the location of their home, their work schedule or the time they have to commit to working with their dog in-between lessons. For these dog owners, Sierra Canine does offer various boarding and training packages. We can train your dog for any number of things while they stay with us for a predetermined amount of time. If this is something that you are interested in, please inquire so that we may discuss your goals and the estimated duration of your dog’s stay.

Training Programs

At Sierra Canine, we offer a wide variety of training programs. All of our dog training programs, from aggression rehabilitation and obedience training to all levels of personal protection are tailored or customized to our client’s individual needs and the goals that they have for their dogs. During your consultation, your dog’s temperament will be evaluated and we will discuss what your goals for training are and what behaviors you would like to correct. Other topics covered are our training philosophy, how the programs are structured and what your time commitment is.


Housebreaking your dog can take months and in some cases certain dogs are never completely housebroken if not on a consistent, practical schedule. Cleaning up feces or urine in the same spot after your dog has had another “mistake” is no fun!

Let Sierra Canine set you and your dog up on a practical schedule and educate you on the do’s and don’ts of housebreaking. In most cases, we can have your dog “mistake” free in a couple of weeks. Your dog is either housebroken or not. There is no such thing as an almost housebroken dog! If your dog relieves him or herself in your home even once or twice a week, they are not housebroken. Over the years Sierra Canine has housebroken dogs as old as three or four years! Some of the more difficult breeds that we have successfully housebroken include, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds.

Housebreaking programs are included with puppy obedience programs or can be purchased separately if this is your only objective.

Obedience Training

There are many different levels and interpretations of obedience training. Sierra Canine offers all levels and types. Please review some of the options that are available below and keep in mind that we tailor our programs to the specific goals and commands that you feel are important to you and your dog.

One of the many and most popular programs offered by Sierra Canine is Basic Obedience Training. Basic obedience training is the ground work for a balanced, well behaved and obedient dog. Once your dog has become proficient in their basic commands, we then incorporate them into everyday life at home and with the family. Upon completion of your basic obedience program, everyday life with your dog will be more enjoyable and rewarding.

Sierra Canine also offers On Leash Advanced Obedience Training. This training might interest owners who would like to acquire an obedience title for their dog or may enjoy working with their dogs as more of a hobby than just trying to manage control.

For those who would like for their dogs to have more freedom, Sierra Canine also offers Informal Off Leash Training. This training allows you to have your dog off leash while still maintaining a safe distance on walks around the neighborhood or park and come consistently when called.

This is a 15 month old Golden Retriever that is a student of Sierra Canine. The video demonstrates the results of proper socialization and consistent training using a market based training system in a very busy and distracting environment. This is practical obedience that most pet owners can achieve.

This is a 20 month old German Shepherd. The customers’ goal was complete on and off leash obedience in highly distractive environments. Jogging off leash in these environments was also a priority.

This is a 10 month old Doberman who is being trained for full off-leash obedience training. This video/lesson was his first exposure to various high level distractions in a park and playground environment.

This video demonstrates foundation obedience training with a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy. He is being trained to compete in a working dog sport called IPO/Schutzhund. We are mainly working on focused heeling, where the dog must be in heeling position at the handler’s side while also maintaining focus on the handler. There is no leash or correction involved at this stage. This was done using food and a reward based marker training system.

This is Orion vom Kistha Haus(Rye) at 5 months of age. This video demonstrates foundation focused obedience using a marker based training system. There’s no correction at this stage of training.


Aggression Rehabilitation

In the past few years there has been a steady rise in aggression issues with dogs where both people and dogs are the target. Unfortunately, in the majority of these cases it really is not the dogs fault, but they get the blame none the less. Most of the time, this is an owner or handler problem or in some cases a new owner who adopts a dog out of the goodness of their heart and inherits this problem. It all boils down to one common denominator, the lack of structure or proper leadership in the relationship between a dog and its owner or owners.

Dog aggression training

Sierra Canine is one of the very few dog training companies that are not only willing, but have the knowledge and experience to specialize in the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs. After twenty plus years of handling and training dominant police service and personal protection dogs, we can teach you how to earn the respect and change your current relationship with your dog in a non confrontational way.  This has nothing to do with yelling and screaming, it’s the exact opposite. It’s about being calm, assertive and communicating with your dog it terms of black and white.

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