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Training is not an option, it is an obligation. It is not something to be done only when your dog starts causing problems, it is how to prevent problems with starting.

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Sierra Canine is a dog training company that meets the training needs of you and your dog. Whether you’ve made the decision to finally housebreak your dog or puppy, put an end to those nagging behavioral problems or would just like to be able to open the front door without your dog running down the street, we cover all phases of your dog training needs.

If you are reading this right now you have already acknowledged the fact that your dog is displaying behaviors that you would like to change or you may just want to get your new puppy or young dog off to the right start. We can train dogs of any age, pure or mixed breeds, and specialize in rehabilitating dogs that have aggression or anxiety problems. Researching your options for dog training is an important first step. However, we are confident that after browsing our website and reading our testimonials, you will soon realize that Sierra Canine is the best choice of training for you and your dog! 

Our Experience

Our experience and expertise also allows us to offer a wide variety of training programs to pet owners seeking guidance and advice for housebreaking and basic obedience training to the more advanced dog enthusiast who is interested in personal protection or training and/or titling their dog in one of the many different working dog sports that are now very popular. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best possible training for you and your dog. We feel that a dog truly is man’s best friend and with a small amount of time and limited investment, we can make the relationship you have with your dog a pleasant one. If you think about it, when you made the decision to bring a dog into your family, you may not have realized this new companion will be a family member for up to fifteen years. The small investment you make in training yourselves and your new family member will last a lifetime. A lifetime commitment that Sierra Canine is prepared to give you! Once you become a client of ours, we are only a phone call away to give you the guidance, experience and the benefit of getting the most pleasure out of your dog.

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