About Sierra Canine

Hello, I’m Dennis Gulla and I own and operate Sierra Canine Professional Dog Training Services. My career in dog training began at the age of eighteen as an apprentice under the instruction of Navy Seal and dog trainer/handler Tom Massalino.

After my apprenticeship with Tom, I began my professional career working for and with other dog training companies throughout South Florida where I was born and raised. Training dogs was not just my job, but my passion as well! At the age of twenty six, I was a business owner and incorporated my first dog training company (All Point Canine.) I covered everything from housebreaking puppies to training dogs for Officers of the City of Miami Police Department where my brother was an Officer for seventeen years.

For twenty years, I lived and professional trained dogs in the state of Florida all the while waiting for the opportunity to re-locate to Northern California which happened for my wife and I in 2010. Upon arriving in California, I immediately established Sierra Canine and have been going strong ever since!

Experience and Expertise

In an effort to continue my education and keep up with the latest technique’s and philosophies, I have attended the schools of other trainers who are experts in their fields. The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in the Bay Area as well as hosting private seminars with Andrew Ramsey, arguably one of the best odor recognition trainers in the country. In my twenty eight years of dog training I have had the privilege to work with and attend many seminars given by fantastic trainers throughout the United States and Europe. I can honestly say that I will never stop being a student of the trade; however, I do believe that I offer a unique and innovating approach to dog training, behavior and psychology.

I have the experience and have trained dogs in virtually every capacity. I have developed and trained young dogs that have gone on to have a career in law enforcement. I have competed and titled dogs in working dog sports. I was a certified Judge for the national working dog organization formally known as Service Dogs of America, but now known as Working Dogs of America, judging trials throughout California. I’ve also trained a variety of dogs to recognize various odors.

My Clients

Throughout my career I have offered my services to people just like you! The majority of my clients are responsible dog owners and enthusiasts who own a wide variety of breeds and are looking for an effective way to get control and maximize the relationship they have with their dogs. As you navigate through the site you will notice that I have and still do cater to a broad spectrum of clientele. A high percentage of my customers are average pet owner looking for help with obedience or their dog displaying aggression towards other dogs and people. Others would like the security of having their dog protection trained. Maybe you need the assistance of a Service Dog to help you or a loved one with specially trained tasks. While many of my other long term customers enjoy competing with their dogs in AKC sanctioned events or would like participate in working dog sports.

Regardless of what type of training you are looking for or behavioral problems that your dog is displaying, I am confident that I can be of help to you. I’m as passionate today about dogs and dog training as I was when I first started. I hope you enjoy the rest of the site and look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your dog…

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